easy simple golf swing
swing up and down on plane

आसान सरल गोल्फ स्विंग
易 シンプル ゴルフ スイング
쉽게 단순히 골프치기
mudah sederhana golf ayunan
facile swing de golf simple
semplice facile golf swing
swing de golfe fácil simples
oscilación simple del golf fácil
einfache golf schwung
วงสวิงกอล์ฟง่าย golfswing
எளிதாக எளிய கோல்ப் ஊஞ்சலில்

Ben age 5

Ben's dad: "I am teaching Ben and he is really enjoying this new position. He finds it much easier than starting from the ground and gets so excited because he hits the ball every time. Thanks too for suggesting the baseball grip. Its so natural."

Sue age ?

I have just won my 1st competition. I wont tell you my age or how long I have been playing! Thank you. I'm having so much fun.


I was 2 hcp and wish I had the EGS Position years ago. No loss of distance and I hit the ball so straight every time.

Ryan Moore

Suzann Pettersen

Nick Faldo

What EGS achieves:

one plane swing
square club face
pure powerful strike
straight ball flight

"You should try to set everything right BEFORE you swing back because after that it is too late" Peter Alliss BBC

"I think all golfers must work on getting the right back swing. At 70 years of age I found out how to swing the club back. I never miss a fairway" Gary Player Sky tv

Every golf coach will tell you the most important part of the swing is the Take Away.

It is also where most swing errors happen....But even top pros find it difficult to make the perfect Take Away successfully every time.

Half Way Back

Compare the famous rehearsal Take Away of Mike Weir and Chris DiMarco with their real Take Away and they are NOT on the same plane.

Compare this pupil's Easy Golf Swing 2006 and today and both are EXACTLY ON PLANE.

If Tiger wants to hit his long drives but never miss a fairway he should BYPASS the Take Away and start from the Easy Golf Swing Start Position....

David Leadbetter says in his "SwingSetter" DVD that starting from half way back, all you have to do is turn back and turn through. Its that simple!

Try starting from the EGS Start Position and you will see that it works.

Not Convinced? Click on the demo

To view 2 min demo click screen arrow:
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For full screen take cursor to screen base to display controls: click 4 arrows box

The EGS Start Position is NOT revealed here or in the video above.

WHEN bypassing the Take Away it is vital that you move from your Address Position to the EGS Start Position correctly. If you dont move correctly your club will NOT start on plane and will NOT start from the same exact position everytime... and errors must occur.

If you would like the two easy steps to starting from the EGS Start Position correctly every time we will email you the password to login to see the EGS Move To Start Position video.

The cost is £16: PAYPAL (includes a free follow up)

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email: coach@easygolfswing.net