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"If I had used this wedge in the 60`s & 70`s I could have won a lot more Tournaments."

Brian Barnes

"O wedge is transforming my short game and I`m regaining my confidence around the green."

James Marshall - former manager of Greg Norman

"It's truly a trusty soldier.....
I have tried lots of wedges over many years but none has worked as well as this.
I like the way it bounces. It's excellent in sand, especially soft shots.
I am 3 handicap and hope to qualify for the US Senior Open in July."

Tim Diskin - Boston, USA

© 2009 enrico tedeschi


Easy Short Game cuts your handicap

The O (continuous bounce) Wedge is the answer to your pitching and chipping problems....

Its continuous bounce sole makes fluffing a thing of the past.
It defies deceleration...
          because its light swing weight forces you to hit the ball hard giving you more spin control and yet safe in the knowledge it wont go too far.

Its 60 deg. loft and nickel milled face enable you to master bunker shots, low checking chips or pitches and high lobs.

Having just the one thought in your mind "I must get this up to the hole" and knowing you will still get good distance even if you hit the ground first does wonders for your self confidence.

Use it for a wide variety of shots from 80 yds in..

It is particularly good at the 50 yd bunker shot when you want to hit the ball clean.

It will bludgeon your ball out of the heather when no other club will and knowing you cant hit very far inspires your shots from long grass .

But there is a downside to O Wedge..... you will be facing more and more short putts and you may not like that !


Consider this... It is a psychological fact that the closer we come to our goal the more nervous we are. You dont see pros top shots with their driver but you do see them fluff chips and miss short putts.
So my advice for pitching and chipping is:

Set up as if for a full wedge swing.

Place feet wide and square to target to limit body movement, aid your instinctive feel for distance and promote accuracy.

Grip firmly, down the club...the shorter the club the easier the shot (use 10 finger grip to aid hinging and feel).

Hinge your wrists immediately and use a short back swing and fast hand action through the ball.
(To hit a nail with a hammer...you don't swing, you hinge back and hit. see 18 min video)

O Wedge will play this way perfectly because it is shorter, lighter, with (2009) legal grooves and a nickel milled face for soft feel and maximum spin control and a continuous bounce sole to help misshits.

With O Wedge the short game can be as easy as tossing the ball under arm to the hole.

Please email me your progress.

Wedge cost: (56, 60 deg) £ 69.99 (incl.p&p.UK). Please send cheque to
ESG, 13 Stirling Place, Hove, Sussex, England, BN33YU

To view 18 min demo click screen arrow:

Youtube videos need min. 6 Mbps broadband
Easy Pitching
Easy Putting
ESG, 13 Stirling Place, Hove, Sussex, England, BN33YU
email = info@owedge.com