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Comedy Golf Film
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Q. "I thought the 2 hr DVD was brilliant. Trevino makes it very special...huge fun."

P. Craven - W.H. mem


Q. "It's very funny"

Peter Alliss

Q. "excellent entertainment for all golf club members - very funny"

S. Zuill - sec. Sunningdale GC.
1991 - 2004




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Please could you consider this classic

"NOT SEEN ON TV" Comedy Golf Film & Talk for an Evening at your Club.

The programme is 2 x 1hr but segments can be left out accordingly ...

The 1st hour, pre Supper, includes a TALK with film/photos by the Film`s producer, Andrew Haddow, on his adventures when he was an 18 year old student caddying on the USPGA Tour. (see poster details above)

To view 3 min. trailer please Click HERE

It also includes a short demo Film of David Leadbetter's The Swing Of The Future and How To Play The Revolutionary O wedge which is designed to improve anyone`s short game.

The 2nd hour, post Supper, features the Classic Comedy Golf Film of Lee Trevino & Jackie Stewart v Max Faulkner & Sean Connery at Walton Heath: 2 ball 4sms.

Q. "This was the first pro-celebrity match
we filmed in the UK with stereo sound ... and it's very funny."  Peter Alliss

Cost is £ 200 or $ 500 (US)      (if more than 70 guests: £5 or $10 pp)
+ travel expenses over 50 miles from Brighton.

Or the 2hr prog. is available to hire on DVD or Video
Cost is £ 60 or $ 120 (US) incl. p&p

Quote from the Film...

Lee Trevino to lady spectator. "What would you use from here, maam?" She innocently replies.. "a 7 iron" "Why?" says Lee.. "Because thats all I`ve got"...

Not to be upstaged by the laughter from the gallery Trevino says "If you had married an American you`d be able to afford some clubs"...

Indoor chip shot demonstration

After the Talk(45Min) and Film(1hr)   Andrew is willing to demonstrate the revolutionary O wedge in an indoor clinic... much fun will be had by all and a safety net is provided!

If the Evening interests you and you would like to canvass your members by email please contact Andrew Haddow and he will send you the poster/trailer link + ticket booking form for you to forward to your members.
Alternatively please use copies of the above poster in the clubhouse.          

* Or you can also click on "Home", "Photo Diary"or "Poster" links for additional Clubhouse displays.

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